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We’re are really looking forward to seeing ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’. It’s a gripping tale that couldn’t be more current with the times and is a much-needed balance to films such as ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ (not to mention we get to see the lovely Riz Ahmed on screen!) 

Here’s what wonder woman director, Mira Nair had to say about her connection with the story… 

When Changez, a hard nosed financial analyst on Wall Street, is sent out to shut down a very important publisher of Latin American fiction, which has brought out the voice of that continent, the publisher takes him to lunch and asks Changez, “Does it trouble you to make your living by disrupting the lives of others?” He then tells Changez about the janissaries, Christian boys captured by the Ottomans and trained to be soldiers in a Muslim army, at that time the greatest army in the world. They were lethal killers. They had fought to erase their own civilisations because they had no memory, they didn’t know where they came from. Their allegiance was to the empire. Changez says he has no allegiance to the empire. The publisher asks, how old were you when you came to America.’ He says 25, and the publisher comments, ‘Oh too old to be janissary.’ That’s the core of the story and that is the reason I have made the film. You have to wake up now. Think where you come from, think where you are going. Question the truth that is handed to you and think where you matter.”

If you’ve seen the film, we’d love to know what you thought!

- S

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